An Attic Workshop in honor of Leslie Threatte. Atene, 19-21 Ottobre 2018.

An Attic Workshop in honor of Leslie Threatte. Atene, 19-21 Ottobre 2018.


An Attic Workshop in honor of Leslie Threatte
Attic Fourth century Laws and Decrees and the Attic Orators
AΘΗΝΑΙ, 19-21 ᾽Οκτωβρίου 2018

ATTIC WORKSHOP.Program.10.10.18

17.00-17.15 Introduction by the organizers
17.15-17.30 Welcome from the Director of the Epigraphical Museum
17.30-18.00 Tribute to Leslie Threatte
1η συνεδρία/Session I
18.00-18.30 P. J. Rhodes, The Areopagus and tyranny
18.40-19.10 Εnrica Culasso, Lemnos and the Attic orators: the epigraphic evidence
1η συνεδρία/Session I
9.30-10.00 R. Osborne, The oratory behind the law: the rhetorical case for epigraphic laws
10.10-10.40 G. Oliver, Report on IG II3 1, 3 fascicle
10.50-11.20 A. P. Matthaiou, Report on IG II3 1, 1 fascicle
11.30-12.00 Διάλειμμα/Break
2η συνεδρία/Session II
12.00-12.30 M. Canevaro, Nomothesia and financial administration: the problems of normative formalisation in fourth-century Athens
12.40-13.10 R. K. Pitt, The building law of Brauron and state construction projects in the fourth century B.C.
13.20-13.50 Μ. Β. Richardson, The law of Epikrates (Agora I 7495) and Attic topography
14:00-17:00 Διάλειμμα/Break
3η συνεδρία/Session III
17.00-17.30 J. Kroll, The treatment of ‘a foreign coin having the same stamp as the Attic’, as specified in Nikophon’s law of 375/4 (R&O 25), lines 9-10
17.40-18.10 Ed. Cohen, Unpublished Agora Inscription I 7495: economic implications of the possible reminting of Athenian silver coinage in 353
18.20-18.50 Διάλειμμα/Break
4η συνεδρία/Session IV
18.50-19.20 Adele Scafuro, Decrees in inscribed texts: the naval records
19.30-20.00 J. Sickinger, Inscribed documents in the Attic Orators
1η συνεδρία/Session I
9.30-10.00 P. Liddel, Athenian decrees of the period 403/2-322/1: literary perspectives
10.10-10.40 Lene Rubinstein, Hypereides Against Demades and the motivation clauses in Athenian honorific decrees 352/1-322/1
10.50-11.20 N. Papazarkadas, ‘So that all the Greeks may know’. . . : a new citizenship decree from fourth-century Athens
11.30-12.00 Διάλειμμα/Break
2η συνεδρία/Session II
12.00-12.30 G. Oliver, Athenian decrees, orators, and the city’s international relations in the late fourth century B.C.
12.40-13.10 S. D. Lambert, Two decree fragments in the British Museum destined for IG II3 1, fasc. 1
13.20-13.50 Α. P. Matthaiou, Two Athenian decrees revisited: IG II2 126 and IG II2 20

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